The name of this orchestra ( litt:Prince Hendriks Offspring) echoes the music of the European harmony and fanfare bands, the TRIS(Troops In Surinam) and the Police band of Paramaribo, of the music as it is played late at night after the official program.

The repertoire stems from and elaborates on the many forms of world/windmusic, in which improvisation and dansability prevail. Purveyors of Bastard music to His Majesty. Music of which the origins cannot clearly be determined, ‘origin unknown’. Music that came into existence out of the adultery of our royal forefathers, finding its prize on the dance floor,where love dawns, friendship is celebrated and differences in colour, status, or origin does not matter.

Prince Hendrik(1876-1934)

Prince-Husband to Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

(who reigned from 1898-1948), infamous for his promiscuous behaviour.

De NAZATEN (v/h de Nazaten van Prins Hendrik)

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Line-up :

Robby Alberga-gitaar

Klaas Hekman- piccolo, sopraan- and basssax

Carlo Ulrichi Hoop-conga’s and surinam percussion

Keimpe de Jong-sopraan- en tenorsax

Setish Bindraban-trumpet

Jermaine Forster-drums

Chris Semmoh- skratyi and surinam percussion

Patrick Votrian -trombone and sousaphone

Carlo Jones altsax / honorary member